Alytus municipality website

2019 m.
Alytus municipality website

About project

A friendly, population-centred website for the city has been created, where visitors can quickly and conveniently find relevant information and answers to the questions concerned.

Human-centred website

Unique design and user experience have been created by fulfilling the stylistics of the city brand ‘I love Alytus’. In order to better understand the needs of visitors, the context of the use of the website and to create a unique human-centred solution, a thorough analysis of the population needs has been performed and discussions in focus groups with municipal employees have been organised. A detailed analysis of the website’s content and analysis of attendance data, analysis of services provided by the municipality and residents’ appeals, preparation of user experience and browsing maps, preparation of prototype, expert assessment of user-friendliness and testing of the developed solution have been performed.

Content fulfilling the city brand promise

The website creates a unique user experience. The information architecture was prepared to justify the expectations of people and meet their needs. We have created texts that fulfil the promise of the brand ‘I love Alytus’ to the residents in the tone of their language. Translations of texts into the English language have been prepared, graphic materials for content illustration, each page and its element were given special attention during the layout and attractive presentation of the content.

The following results were created during the project:

  • Human-centred information architecture;
  • An adaptive user interface website meeting the requirements of legislation, user-friendliness and accessibility;
  • Unique design and graphics for content illustration;
  • Functional content management system and tools for the construction of pages from blocks for the management of rich content;
  • Catalogue of services provided by the municipality with human-centred content classification
  • Illustration pages for the areas of municipal activities;
  • News, photo and video galleries, and subscriptions to news;
  • Calendar of events, adverts, agendas of the management;
  • Catalogue of legislation and documents;
  • Module for accepting customer inquiries and posting frequently asked questions;
  • Polls and forms;
  • Contact details for the staff of the institution;
  • Website texts fulfilling the tone of the brand language.

The following services were provided during the project: Content analysis and preparation of information architecture, design of the implementation of technical architecture and functional requirements of the solution, projection and design of website users interface, testing of the designed solution with users, programming of adaptive user interfaces and website, programming of content management system components and functionality, fulfilment of functional, performance and security testing, preparation of texts, translations into the English language, graphic material illustrating the content, implementation of the website in the customer’s technical infrastructure, the arrangement of training for the staff of the institution, organisation of demonstration for interested parties. Development, maintenance and aftersales services have been provided.

  • Year
    2019 - 2020
  • Client
    Alytus city municipality
  • area
    Savivaldybės interneto svetainė Patogumo naudotis tyrimai Informacijos architektūra