Educational platform for children “Nature ranger”

2018 m.
Educational platform for children “Nature ranger”

About project

Interactive space where children learn about nature while playing and solving tasks prepared by specialists. The platform has a motivational system of over 50 games, tests and interactive tasks, children’s achievements and awards.

Flexible tools for the creation of educational measures have been developed for specialists, allowing them to create tests, questionnaires, puzzles, crossword puzzles, games and other types of tasks, to illustrate them with pictures, audio and video material. Implementation of task-solving time, the record of correct–wrong answers, presentation of personal achievements of students and the ranking in the overall ranking of achievements. Means of communication, such as messages, comments, between students and specialists have been developed. 

The popularity of the platform and children’s involvement is ensured by the motivation system implemented on the platform: points and virtual gifts for solved tasks, task complexity levels, virtual certificates confirming the player’s competence and giving access to additional tasks, games and extra points, enabling them to improve their personal positions in the overall ranking of achievements.

Solution ‘Naujasis knygnešys’ took 2nd place in the final of a competition in 2020, in the category Environment and Green Energy.

The following services were provided during the project: Design of the implementation of technical architecture and functional requirements of the solution, projection and design of the information system user interface, programming of adaptive user interfaces and website, implementation of service-oriented architecture (SOA), programming of components and functionalities of the platform, installation of the content management system, performance of testing, platform installation in the customer’s technical infrastructure, provision of support and warranty maintenance services.

  • Year
    2018 - 2019
  • Client
    Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania
  • area
    Mokomoji priemonė Virtualūs testai Žaidimas Gamtos pažinimas PHP Javascript