Intranet for institutions administering investments of EU funds

2015 m.

About project

An intranet for institutions designed to share information related to EU investment administration activities has been developed.

Main functions of the intranet:

  1. Viewing news, calendar of events and notifications;
  2. Publishing notices, posting adverts by publishing them on the portal;
  3. Viewing publications and documents, and searching for them;
  4. Taking part in the discussions, commenting on the reports;
  5. Registering for training;
  6. Providing a training participant registration subsystem to allow:
  • setting limits for participants according to the institution
  • accepting registrations of authenticated people and approving them
  • compiling lists of training participants.
  1. Finding contacts of responsible people.

The following services have been provided in the course of the project: Alternative intranet design concepts have been developed, solution architecture, functional and technical documentation have been prepared, a prototype of the intranet user interface has been prepared, graphic design has been developed, adaptive user interface and intranet website have been programmed, the content management system SystemSight CMS has been installed, its components and functions have been programmed, its integration with the portal has been implemented, tests have been carried out, educational material has been prepared, training for the staff of the institution has been arranged. A virtual dedicated server has been developed; the solution has been installed in the customer’s technical infrastructure. Solution development and aftersales maintenance services have been provided.

  • Year
    2015 - 2017
  • Client
    Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
  • area
    Intranetas ES investicijos