JUDU.LT –everything about public transport and movement in the city of Vilnius

2018 m.
JUDU.LT –everything about public transport and movement in the city of Vilnius

About project

A unified Internet portal judu.lt, which contains all the information about public transport and mobility opportunities in Vilnius city, as well as SĮ ‘Susisiekimo paslaugos’ activities.

The main goals of the portal are as follows:

  1. Providing transport passengers with convenient route search and schedules, public transport tickets, discounts and ticketing options as well as other information relevant to passengers;
  2. Providing drivers with information about parking services and possibilities of ordering online, permits and benefits, car parking, and the traffic situation in Vilnius;
  3. Presenting urban movement infrastructure, routes, maps and useful travel planning tools to pedestrians and cyclists.

The following features have been implemented on the portal:

  1. Search for public transport routes, timetables and travel planning tools;
  2. Ticket catalogue and online booking;
  3. Real-time traffic situation in Vilnius (regularly updated data received from the IS of third parties);
  4. Real-time video surveillance camera streaming (regularly updated data received from the IS of third parties);
  5. Payment of the reconciliation fee upon receipt of notification of non-payment of the local toll immediately upon parking;
  6. Help section and frequently asked questions;
  7. Company contact lists and search;
  8. Database of public procurement announcements;
  9. News, presentations and subscriptions;
  10. A glossary of terms with automatic detection of the concept in the text and assignment of explanation;
  11. Polls and forms;
  12. Frequently asked questions.

The following services have been provided in the course of the project: Alternative website design concepts have been developed, solution architecture, functional and technical documentation has been prepared, the website user interface has been designed and a prototype has been prepared, graphic design has been developed, an adaptive user interface and website have been programmed, the SystemSight CMS content management system has been installed, its components and functionalities have been programmed, testing has been performed, educational material has been prepared, training for the staff of the institution has been organised, the solution in the technical infrastructure of the customer has been installed. Solution development and aftersales maintenance services have been provided.

  • Year
    2018 - 2020
  • Client
    SĮ "Susisiekimo Paslaugos"
  • area
    Vilniaus transportas E. bilietas Viešasis transportas Maršrutai Tvarkaraščiai