Online platform for Lithuanian airports

2018 m.
Online platform for Lithuanian airports

About project

An online platform on the basis of which Lithuanian Airports operate: Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga websites and corporate website of the company as well as a partner self-service system.

The main functions of the online platform are as follows:

  • Real-time review of information and flight search;
  • Delivery of airport-provided services and online bookings;
  • Self-service for business partners, electronic invoices and documents;
  • Booking of flight tickets;
  • Ordering the sales services for parking at airport car parks;
  • Information for travellers and arriving at the airport;
  • News and adverts;
  • FAQs and recommendations for travellers;
  • Surveys of visitors;
  • A database of employee advertisements and CVs;
  • Data submission forms;
  • Maps and visual material;
  • Social networking widgets.

Integration with internal and external systems

  1. Flight information system (a.k.a. FIDS – flights information display system);
  2. Flight information displays at the airport and partner premises;
  3. Internal databases of Vilnius Airport.

The following services were provided during the project: Design of the implementation of technical architecture and functional requirements of the solution, designing the user interfaces, programming the adaptive user interfaces and website, programming the content management system components and functionality, the performance of testing, installation of the platform, prepared educational material, training for the employees of the company. Integration interfaces with external and internal systems of the customer have been implemented. Development, maintenance and aftersales services have been provided. Optimisation for search engines has been performed.

  • Year
    2018 - 2019
  • Client
    Lithuanian Airports
  • area
    Internetinė platforma Oro uostai Skrydžių informacija tiesiogiai