APVIS – environmental project management information system

2019 m.
APVIS – environmental project management information system

About project

This is the LEVEL I state information system that ensures uniform automation of the processes of projects of financial programmes administered by the Environmental Projects Management Agency (APVA). The information system covers the implementation cycle of the entire project (from calls announced within the scope of the programme, acceptance of applications for funding, to the administration of payments and supervision of the implemented project).

The functions performed by the APVIS are as follows:

  • Management and accumulation of statistical and financial data on the funds of the programmes administered by APVA;
  • Submission of applications for obtaining funding through the completion of automated data submission forms;
  • The receipt of applications, the execution of the evaluation procedures and the adoption of a decision on the assignment of the funding;
  • Recording and handling of payment claims, project supervision reports and related information;
  • Authentication of users, management of their rights and ensuring the traceability of actions;
  • Communication with applicants: the provision of messages, documents and related information;
  • Preparation of financial and performance reports on the basis of different information sections and user-defined parameters;
  • Data exchange with third-country systems ensuring automatic verification of the data provided in accordance with the rules established by the IS and automated assessment of applications.

Web services and integration interfaces with the following state information systems and registers have been implemented:

  • Register of Population of State Enterprise Centre of Registers;
  • Register of Legal Entities of State Enterprise Centre of Registers;
  • Real Property Register of State Enterprise Centre of Registers;
  • State Enterprise REGITRA database for drivers and cars;
  • UAB Tuvlita car technical inspection database;
  • SIRIP identification service.

The following services were provided during the project: Design of technical architecture and functional requirements of the solution, projection and design of the information system for user interface, programming of adaptive user interface and website, programming of information system components and functionality, implementation of the content management system, performance of testing, preparation of educational material, training for the staff of the institutions. A dedicated server has been developed, IS installation and technical infrastructure support and maintenance services have been provided. Development, maintenance and aftersales services have been provided.

  • Year
    2019 - 2020
  • Client
    The Environmental Projects Management Agency
  • area
    VIISP Klimato kaitos programa Paraiškos finansavimui I lygmens valstybės informacinė sistema