Official website of the Bank of Lithuania

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Official website of the Bank of Lithuania

About project

The official website of the Bank of Lithuania won the prestigious ‘World banking awards’ nomination for Lithuania in 2018 and was recognised as the best website in the world central banks of the year.

The portal is tailored to different target audiences:

  • For the general public (residents) interested in the services of the Bank of Lithuania: litas exchange into euro, verification of personal credit history, contacts between the Bank of Lithuania and its cash offices, etc.;
  • Financial market participants who are interested in the requirements for their activities, decisions and recommendations of the Bank of Lithuania, financial market indicators and legal information;
  • Numismatists, who are interested in numismatic values and collector coins issued by the Bank of Lithuania and the possibilities for their acquisition;
  • Journalists, for the latest economic forecasts, information on the supervision of financial market participants, the results of the activities of the financial sector, statistics and press releases;
  • Academic community (lecturers, students) interested in statistical information, economic forecasts of the experts of the Bank of Lithuania, and latest press releases;
  • Financiers and accountants, and others interested in exchange rate variations.

The portal has tools and functionalities installed for users

  1. Exchange rates: a review of the data of the variation in textual and graphical expression, search by country, period, and download in open data formats;
  2. Spreadsheets:
  • Exchange rate calculator;
  • Personal inflation calculator;
  • Comparison calculator of the rates for banking services.
  1. Tools for users:
  • Means of comparison of payment rates of financial institutions;
  • Sets of personal statistical data;
  • Subscription to news and notifications;
  • Statistical data analysis tools, interactive graphs.
  1. Database of financial market participants
  • Data of financial institutions;
  • Permits and licences;
  • Disputes with users;
  • Infringements and sanctions applied;
  • Lists of issuers.
  1. Catalogue of collector and commemorative coins;
  2. Catalogue of publications and reviews;
  3. Search for legislation and documents;
  4. Public consultations;
  5. Submission of queries, requests and data by filling in forms;
  6. Job adverts and CV database;
  7. Calendar of events;
  8. Press releases and subscriptions for news;
  9. Photo and video galleries;
  10. Polls;
  11. Rich content management tools that allow the construction of pages using pre-prepared stylised blocks;
  12. Glossary of terms with automatic detection of concepts and assignment of explanations;
  13. Frequently asked questions.

Integration with external systems

  1. Bank of Lithuania: a database of financial market participants (FRD);
  2. Bank of Lithuania: statistical database (by processing statistics data in SDMX format);
  3. Display of foreign exchange ratios data created for accounting purposes (xml).

Human-centred interactive system and user-friendliness

In accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the ISO standard ‘Human-centred design and development processes for information systems’, an interactive system evaluation and development strategy has been developed, indicators have been defined, a methodology for monitoring indicators has been prepared, and regular evaluation of indicators and user satisfaction has been carr

  • Year
    2016 - 2020
  • Client
    The Bank of Lithuania
  • area
    Geriausias metų tinklapis 2018 Central banking award