Online platform ‘My Government’ connecting 200+ state institutions

2014 m.
Online platform ‘My Government’ connecting 200+ state institutions

About project

An E-Services and the State Information Resources Interoperability Platform (SIRIP) designed for service institutions and the ‘My Government’ portal. It is a level I state information system whose main function is to increase transparency, accountability and the quality of decision-making in the public administration sector by developing e-democracy services provided to citizens by the Government’s management institutions.

A centralised portal of data published by state bodies, it connects over 200 institutions, enabling citizens to apply to any government-owned body (petitions, requests, complaints and enquiries) on a one-stop shop basis.

The following results were created during the project:

  1. Central portal ‘My Government’, which publishes the most important information of government institutions and their subordinate bodies, information from the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, sittings and decisions taken during them.
  2. E.citizen portal, where authenticated residents can submit petitions, requests, notifications and complaints to any government institution or a body subordinate to it on a one-stop shop basis, having logged into the self-service area. It is possible to review the answers and documents submitted by the institution, participate in public discussions, register for a meeting with ministers or a visit to premises of the Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. Website template for institutions used by ministries of the Republic of Lithuania and more than 200 subordinate bodies. The installed SystemSight’s content management system provides flexible management of rich content, news and event adverts, management and publication of multimedia material, the publication of agendas, notification subscriptions, surveys, contacts, FAQs and other modules.
  4. Content management systems e-service for institutions. The e-service implemented in the SIRIP environment enables institutions to order content management service on the platform, conclude and coordinate service contracts, handle the data of responsible contacts and the data of technical parameters of the ordered e-service using the means provided by the SIRIP platform.
  5. E-service ‘E-reception’. The service implemented in the SIRIP environment allows people to send and receive official documents – correspondence sent by state institutions.
  6. Open data publishing e-service. These are tools for institutions to process and publish open data files overtly, and for people to view data in textual and graphical form, and download it in open data formats.

The following services were provided during the project: Design of the implementation of technical solution architecture and functional requirements, programming of adaptive user interface and website template for state institutions, tailoring to the disabled, programming of the platform components and functionality, electronic services in the SIRIP platform, installation of the content management system, implementation of integrations with external systems (institution document management systems, e-mail e.notification system, Civil Servants Register (VATARAS), SIRIP authentication, news portals), creation of web services, the performance of testing, platform implementation in the cloud technical infrastructure, preparation of training material, organisation of training of institution employees, provision of support, development and warranty maintenance services.

  • Year
    2014 - 2017
  • Client
    Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • area
    VIISP Internetinė platforma Valstybės įstaigų tinklapiai