TITRIS – information system for the accumulation and search of applied research results

2019 m.
TITRIS – information system for the accumulation and search of applied research results

About project

TITRIS (the applied innovation research and results information system) collects, publishes and accumulates data on applied innovation research and results that can potentially contribute to more efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming. TITRIS allows the verification, systematisation and analysis of information on the results and innovations of applied research performed in the country, as well as the submission of reports on existing entries in the system database.

The following functions have been implemented in the system:

  • Registration of users, administration of their rights and ensuring traceability of actions;
  • Provision of data when filling in forms;
  • Procedures for accepting and handling submitted data: review, evaluation, coordination and publicity;
  • Communication with applicants: provision of messages, data and related information and chat room;
  • Public register of applied innovation research and results, data search and review for visitors.

The following services were provided during the project: Design of the implementation of technical architecture and functional requirements of the solution, projection and design of the information system for users interface, programming of adaptive user interfaces and website, programming of information system components and functionality, installation of the content management system, performance of testing, installation of the platform, preparation of educational material, training for the staff of the institutions. Support and aftersales services have been provided.

  • Year
    2019 - 2019
  • Client
    Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service
  • area
    Registras Inovacijos Taikomieji tyrimai Ūkininkavimas Duomenų bazė