KOTIS – the register of state aid and insignificant (De Minimis) aid granted

2019 m.

About project

KOTIS is a state register where information about state aid and insignificant (de minimis) aid granted to Lithuanian and foreign economic entities is accumulated. The main goals of the register are as follows:

  1. Automation of the activities of the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania related to the reservation and registration of aids;
  2. Keeping national accounts of the aid granted;
  3. Ensuring control of the aid ceilings to entities, sectors and at the national level;
  4. Opening data on aid provided in Lithuania to the public and providing them in open data formats;
  5. Providing advanced means for carrying out functions related to the verification of beneficiaries, recording and processing of aid data.

Different tools and functionalities for the following target groups have been implemented in the register:

  • By joining the information system, the SIRIP-authenticated beneficiaries may compile, review and download individual reports on the aid granted and the balance of eligible aid.
  • The self-service for state aid providers presents tools for searching and verifying beneficiaries, handling data of the organisation: reserving and/or registering aids granted by filling in forms, importing data, filling in data forms using pre-prepared templates, reviewing and editing submitted data.
  • Tools have been developed for KOTIS administrators to manage user data, grant access to registry organisations and their authorised people, register aid, review and manage data submitted by organisations, approve them for registration, return for correction by submitting related documents and comments, generate reports and export data to various formats.
  • Visitors to the public register are provided with information about reserved, provided aid to natural and legal persons, and flexible data searching and downloading in various formats.

The following services were provided during the project: Analysis of customer’s activity processes, design of the technical architecture and register functionality, user interface prototype and design, programming of the adaptive user interface, programming of register components and functions, SIRIP user authentication, integration with external systems (registers of residents and legal entities), the performance of testing, installation of the platform in the customer’s technical infrastructure, system configuration and migration of data, preparation of user instructions and training of the staff appointed by the customer to work with the system.

  • Year
    2019 - 2020
  • Client
    Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania
  • area
    Registras SOA VIISP I lygmens valstybės informacinė sistema Atviri duomenys